The Adventures of Charls, the Veretian Cloth Merchant by C.S. Pacat



Title: The Adventures of Charls, the Veretian Cloth Merchant
Author: C.S. Pacat
Good things about this book: Everything? Yes, everything.
Bad things about this book: It is the end of it all.
Do I recommend it? Yes, if you’re a fan of the Captive Prince series then my recommendation is futile. If course you’re going to read this.
Rate: 5/5

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April was a weird month. I read only two books. I immersed myself in tv shows, binge watching the old and the new ones. There was no escape to it. For your information, I’m watching one right now while typing this (The 100). There’s no escape, I’m telling you.

I needed a small victory, something to take me out of this reading slump. Distracted as I was, I didn’t see the last novella of the Captive Prince series was already out. Lucky for me, I had to spend a few hours at the hair salon where time is lost.

This short story was very enjoyable. We get to see more of Charls, with a sweet and adorable Laurent and Damen interaction in the background. Charls is a very honest man and his reputation is at risk because of some dumb merchant who plays dirty. I hated that man. Who could do that? Is your heart made of ice?

Laurent and Damen were incognito and Charls only knew the real identity of the prince; seeing their world through Charls’s eyes was fun. He didn’t know Damen as the King of Akielos and his guesses as to who he was to Laurent were obviously wrong; I wanted Damen to reveal himself to Charls at random only to see the surprise expression on his face.

This novella is short, yes, but it has twists and everything a story needs to be a story worth reading. I wish it was longer but if this is the end of it all and if I won’t be reading about Laurent and Damen and everyone in this world anymore, then I’m okay, I can live with what I was given. This ending is a perfect goodbye, a sad one but, still, kind of perfect.