The Summer of Impossible Things by Rowan Coleman



“Have faith in love, and let it guide you, and you never know. Impossible things happen all the time.”

Title: The Summer of Impossible Things
Author: Rowan Coleman
Number of pages: 432 (hardcover edition)
Good things about this book: It’s time travel with lots of feelings.
Bad things about this book: Nothing really.
Do I recommend it? Yes, read it.
Rate: 5/5

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Such a magical book, a rollercoaster of emotions. I wanted to like it and instead I loved it. It caught me by surprise and it kept me wondering. It was an incredible story about love, a kind of love that wins it all.

When humans believe in stories extraordinary things happen.

I bought this book last summer when it came out. I loved the cover and the plot intrigued me. It was not entirely different from what I’ve seen in movies in the past but somehow I felt it could be a totally different kind of story altogether, even with some elements in common with what I’ve already experienced. As usual, I bought it, photographed it, and left it there to gather dust and be beautiful in my bookshelf.

Last week, though, I was undecided. I didn’t know what to read and after starting at my bookshelves for centuries, I decided to ask for help. I texted my friend and asked her to pick a colour; she picked yellow. I showed her the yellow section of my bookshelf and she chose this book. This book isn’t yellow, it’s in the orange section but she still saw it in the picture and decided it had a beautiful cover and needed to be read by me. I decided it was fate so I picked it up. Thank you, friend who doesn’t read, for choosing this marvelous book for me.

The most wonderful discoveries that have ever been made by mankind always happen when someone decides to believe in the impossible.

Luna and Pea lost their mother to suicide and they decided to travel to where she was born, in Brooklyn to sell her father’s house and see where she grew up before running away to England with their father, Henry. They received a box with films from their mum telling them that something horrible happened the night she left home, something that scarred her for life, making living unbearable. It’s terrible and frustrating because there’s nothing they can do. Or so they think; Luna, who found Henry is not her real father, can somehow travel back in time to 1977, days before the awful event. Is this a chance to save her mother? Can she fix the past so that the people she loves in the present can be alive and happy without losing herself in the process?

The magical elements of the story, the time travel, the scenes of Luna meeting her mum when she was full of life and with so many dreams, were all what made the story great. It was always interesting, it always kept you wondering what was going to happen, what did happen, how was Luna going to prevent it. Everything made you question her choices because there was so much at stake and we all know how tricky messing with time can be.

All I can do is brace myself against the searing hot pain of only understanding what it means to really want someone at the very moment you know they can never be yours.

Rowan Coleman did it; she took the magic of time travel, of the impossibility of it, and mixed it with love, hope, and hard things in life that make you feel alone in the world. It touched all the right buttons of my heart. I felt anger, frustration, happiness, but above all, I felt hope; because how bad can the world be if there is one person in your life willing to sacrifice themselves for your well-being?

“Our physical bodies, they break down, eventually returning to dust, but energy, energy is never destroyed. And what is love, if it isn’t the most powerful energy we know of?”

I loved how everything unfolded. It was at the right time, with the right amount of twists. At some point I had to turn back in time myself, turning back to previous chapters, because some details I judged of standard importance were instead pretty relevant to the whole narrative. That’s how you do it. That’s how you give me a contemporary story, with magical elements, love, hard topics, a story that takes place in the span of a few days, and make it so believable I can totally see it happening in real life. Recommended to all!


Landline by Rainbow Rowell


“Nobody’s lives just fit together. Fitting together is something you work at. It’s something you make happen – because you love each other.”

Title: Landline
Author: Rainbow Rowell
Why you should read this book: Because who doesn’t want to have a phone that connects you to your past? Sounds dangerously fun!

Georgie McCool is a tv show writer with a marriage that is not going so good lately, or maybe it has never been good from the start. She loves her husband and daughters and she knows her husband Neal loves her, too, but is it enough to make it work? Is love enough to keep a marriage alive?
When Georgie can’t go with Neal to his family in Omaha for Christmas, she stays home with her mother, step-sister and step-dad. Neal has left without many words, he is mad with her and he isn’t talking to her. Georgie is afraid her marriage is falling apart and one night when trying to call Neal’s house in Omaha something weird happens, Neal answers the phone but it’s not her husband, it’s Neal from 1998, Neal before he proposed to her.
Is this an opportunity to set things straight and fix her marriage before it’s too late?

“We’re not broken up.”
“I know, but we’re still broken.”

Second buddy read with my sister! I’m starting to like it a lot!

I’m giving this book “almost 4 stars” because of the many things that could have being explained better. I enjoyed a lot the flashbacks, how Georgie and Neal fell for each other. I didn’t like very much how self-centered she was and how Neal acted like a child when they fought. You are almost 40 years old, if you are mad you have to say it out loud, not stop answering texts and phone calls, that’s really immature!

How is Georgie suppose to know she is wrong if he doesn’t call her back and tells her he is not happy with their actual situation? All those days without a call, he tried a couple times and she with her half broken phone didn’t get the call. Try again, you love her, try again!!

“Whether it’s enough. How does anyone ever know whether love is enough? It’s an idiotic question. Like, if you fall in love, if you’re that lucky, who are you to even ask whether it’s enough to make you happy?”

The magical phone was a nice touch, how she thinks she is given a second chance to make things right. But what does she have to make right? What can she do to save her marriage? Does she have to convince Neal from 1998 not to propose? What about their daughters? Messing up with the past can be very dangerous!

Those phone calls made her realize how she was always a selfish person who didn’t compromise with her boyfriend/husband, always thinking about her well being, her show, her future, thinking Neal was always going to be by her side no matter what even if she knew he was unhappy she wasn’t doing anything to about it. That magical phone was ironically her “wake up call” to fix things. It’s never too late to be happy, it’s never too late to realize you have been making the same mistake for a lot of time. If you really want to change, you have to be honest with the people you love and love you and start over.

“I can live without you, but it won’t be any kind of life.”

Do I recommend it? Yes, it may not be perfect like every other Rainbow Rowell’s books but it’s still a very sweet romantic story.
Rate: 4/5